About Us

Public Safety Psychology Group LLC (PSPG) is a for-profit small-business located in Albuquerque, NM. The company was formed in 2004 under the name Forensic Behavioral Health Associates in order to better address the highly specialized field of forensic psychology. Over time we evolved in our agency mission and our focus direction. We developed a niche in the public safety and first responder arena and consequently have steadily become one of the most dependable and skilled providers of first responder psychological services in the Southwest United States.

As our target population changed so did our name, and in late 2013 we transitioned to Public Safety Psychology Group. During the time we have been providing services to New Mexico, we have grown from the two founding partners into an agency that currently employs 50 staff who specialize in psychologically-based services for public safety professionals. Currently, we are a staple in the community and a solid provider of mental health, program development, prevention, assessment and evaluation, consultation, and training for public safety professional.

PSPG currently works with over 140 local, state, and federal law enforcement. Additionally, corrections, fire, communications, and medical agencies have been added to those we provide psychological services. We have on staff four licensed psychologists, 12 master’s level mental health providers, five prevention specialists, and over 20 current and retired law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and firefighters. This depth of knowledge, experience, and skill allows for day-to-day coverage as well as a large-scale response when one is needed. We are flexible in our scheduling making it a priority to be available 24/7, including nights and weekends. At PSPG we specialize in working with public safety and emergency responders and therefore we have a unique expertise which separates us from other agencies and allows emergency responders an added level of support, security, and trust because we understand the demanding career fields that our clients have chosen. In this sense, we are a career-specific wellness agency.