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Peer Support

Our first responders have, to say the least, very stressful jobs. The common stigma of simply "getting over" the tough times, is now transforming into support. Agencies all around the state are developing Peer Support programs in order to change the common stigma and to help first responders have a long, happy, healthy career. 


These programs provide fellow peers with someone to talk to during tough times. These peers are within your specific department so they are readily available when needed. If your agency does not have a Peer Support program, many departments around the state are willing to help!

For more information on Peer Support and how to create a program within your agency, please reach out to us here at PSPG. If your agency has a program in place and would like to submit contact information, please use the link below. Information gathered will be confidential and will be submitted directly to Dr. Rodgers. 

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