Crisis Negotiations Certification Classes

Basic CNT:

July 12th-16th 2021 (ABQ)   $575/Person

Advanced CNT:

November 1st-5th 2021 (ABQ)


Patrol Response to CNT:

  • June 30th-July 1st  2021 (ABQ)

  • September 7th-8th 2021  (Webinar)


Peer Support Training for First Responders

Basic Peer Support:

  • July 6th-7th 2021 (ABQ)

  • November 22nd-23rd 2021 (ABQ)


Advanced Peer Support: 

August 24th-27th 2021 (ABQ)


Peer Support Re-Certification:



Basic CIT-FO Certification Class

  • August 9th-13th 2021 (ABQ)

  • December 6th-10th 2021 (ABQ)   



Interactions with Persons with Mental Illness: Instructor Course

  • July 19th-23rd 2021  (ABQ)

  • September 20th-24th 2021 (Santa Fe)