Providing Resilience Through Preparation and Support

~ PSPG ~

Providing Resilience Through Preparation and Support

~ PSPG ~

Providing Resilience Through Preparation and Support

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PSPG is proud to present our NEW Reality Based SCENARIO Training Book! Filled with over 170 pages of scenarios for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire, Civilian. This book has scenarios that will adapt to any de-escalation training to help you better train your staff for anything they may encounter in today’s world. In addition it will walk you through how to select and train your actors, how to use active listening and other strategies to improve your daily encounters.

All of this for the introductory price of $85!

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 Discounted rate if you provide a picture of your March 2021 ILEETA Conference Badge!


Upcoming Events

Active Shooter Prevention, Mitigation, and Recovery Class

      6/1/21-6/4/21  PSPG $575

CIT Awareness and Interactions with Persons with Mental Illness Biennial Refresher Training (HB93)

       6/2/21  PSPG $175

Advanced Calming the Crisis  

      6/9/21-6/10/21   PSPG $300

Basic Interviewing and Interrogation for Corrections and Field Law Enforcement Officers 

       6/14/21-6/18/21    PSPG  $575

Psychological Survival in a Public Safety Career

6/23/21    Wednesday Webinar Series  $175

First Line Supervisor/Leadership Course

Starts 6/29/21 Every Tuesday for 5 Weeks  Webinar  $675

The Patrol Response to CNT Situations

       6/30/21-7/1/21  PSPG  $300

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Mental Health for First Responders!

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All Proceeds go towards helping First Responders Access Mental Health!

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Substance Abuse
Prevention Program

The All Stars Middle School Prevention Program began in 2005 with grant funding from Bernalillo County’s Substance Abuse Prevention Programs to combat the rise in underage drinking and drug use in our children and the risky behaviors that often go along with them. Since the program’s inception, we have expanded throughout Bernalillo County to middle schools in Albuquerque Public Schools (APS), as well as local private and parochial schools, with a growing waiting list.