COVID-19 Agency Response for PSPG

We will continue to be open for services.

As you all are well aware the news and information surrounding COVID-19 changes on an hourly basis. There is one constant in this situation though: public safety professionals will continue to report for service and be on the frontlines of the response to this public health crisis, working 24/7 to protect civilians nationwide.  

As a result, we at PSPG are committed to supporting you and your agencies in this demanding and unpredictable period. We hope that we can effectively serve both the first responders and our community public safety agencies by being available and open to our patients/clients. PSPG is continuing to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on fire, police, corrections, and emergency service personnel and we will adjust our response accordingly.

At this time, we as an agency plan to continue to provide counseling services to our patients as well psychological testing to our agency clients. Training will continue as scheduled and be assessed for cancellation/rescheduling on a case-by-case basis.  

In order to reduce the risk when accessing our services, we have taken the following actions to continue providing services to our patients and clients in the safest and most effective manner possible:
-Increased cleaning regimes at our facilities.
-Smaller testing and training groups (less than 15) .
-Greater space between participants when attending PSPG facilities.
-Availability of phone or zoom video sessions for clients.
-Spaced and staggered starting times for appointments.  

If you have any additional concerns or suggestions feel free to let us know. Thanks in advance and be safe.  

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